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↓ IMPULSE - 2016 - A

  • IMPULSE, with Modou Dieng at Pulsar, 2016.
    ‘Hernández, Yates, Youssouf & HH’ wood, hardboard, plaster gauze, plaster, foundation element. 2016 (front)
  • ‘Hanley’ wood, hardboard, plaster gauze, plaster, ink. 2016 (left)
  • ‘Yamikani’ wood, hardboard, plaster gauze, plaster. 2016 (right)
  • ‘Yamamoto, Huet, Hartmann & YY’ wood, hardboard, plaster gauze, plaster, ink, foundation element. 2016 (left)
  • series of drawings titled ‘CN 1 to 8’ xerox copies. 2012
  • ‘VV, Gino (ball)’ wood, plaster gauze, plaster, metal wire, ink. 2016

↓ 'poutre en chêne, section 18 par 18' 2016 - M

  • 'poutre en chêne, section 18 par 18' - für die Jahresausstellung, Klasse Metzel, AdBK München 2016. an alternative installation
    to the work previously shown at Pulsar. The blocks cut from the beam are used as a pedestal to heighten the monitor to the
    spectators eye instead of stools to sit on while watching the video.

↓ Quetschen statt Quengeln - 2016 - A

  • for SETUP, Pulsar, Antwerp - 2016 with Manu Engelen, Fia Cielen, Alexandra Crouwers, Timothy Segers, David Wouters and Lydia Debeer.

↓ DAP - 2016 - B

  • Screenshots of the footage made showing the removal of a wooden beam that was forced horizontally between two walls on
    the fourth floor of the Jewish Museum in Brussels. The documentation was shot on DV, 4:3. Special thanks goes to Chloé Malcotti,
    Paul Boudeau, Florin Filleul, Margaux Schwarz and the MJB...

↓ HEAD OF OFFICE - 2016 - B

  • HEAD OF OFFICE #3, 2016, multiplex, oriental mix, beeswax.
  • HEAD OF OFFICE #3, 2016, multiplex, oriental mix, beeswax.
  • HEAD OF OFFICE #4, 2016, multiplex, oriental mix.

↓ UNTITLED - 2015 - M

  • Untitled, 2015, cardboard, masking tape, styropore, three chairs and a drawing.


  • installation view of 'sort of sorry composition, #1 - for AREA ON STAGE 3 at AREA42, Schaerbeek, Brussels, 2015.
    tripod with mini projector, projection with sound (1:58’), computer speakers, wooden structure, plastic crates and painting on mdf; ink and wall paint with beeswax varnish

↓ UNTITLED - 2015 - B

  • installation view of an untitled composition for AREA ON STAGE 3 at AREA42, Schaerbeek, Brussels, 2015.
    two inkjet prints 21x29.7cm, diasec print: photo of single door with Philippe Van Os, 30x45cm, 6 wooden objects, door by Alexandre Rase

↓ DYE? - 2015 - B

  • installation view of 'dye?' for AREA ON STAGE 3 at AREA42, Schaerbeek, Brussels, 2015.
    multiple containing 10 silkscreen prints, ’TWO-NINETY’ on BFK Rives, 137x40cm (with Julie Kern Donck), numbered and signed - as part of an installation, framed lambda prints, 30x40cm, computer speakers, MP3 player and sound


  • A toothbrush I use to travel, I cut off a part of the toothbrush so it would be shorter and a little lighter.


  • collage, tape, photocopy of a drawing, in collaboration with Marie Zrenner

↓ 1 DAB OF INK - 2015 - B

  • I dabbed a q-tip into a bottle of digital printing ink to see how much surface I could fill with just one dab.
    The result is three DIN A4 pages filled with short strokes of cyan.

↓ 6 TASSES - 2015 - B

  • An installation/projection that has been created for the opening exhibition of “Helder Postiga” in Saint-Gilles, Brussels on the 4th of June 2015.
    The work has been made in obedience of the rules and restrictions that were given to the participating artists. One of the principal restrictions was that no external objects could be brought in to the space for the realisation of any work. You see a set of six coffee cups in their original packaging, with the fluorescent price tag of the store at which they were bought, ‘Bab Marrakesh”. The cups are being held up with two hands during 5 minutes, in front of a background which shows a vertically striped pattern which is also held up manually, although this is not directly visible in the video. The reflection of the window through which the video was shot shows a mirrored text, which reads ‘Sigmar Polke’. The cups were not brought inside of the space, neither was professional video equipment, the video was filmed with a smartphone. A wooden beam, a small block and a wood clamp were used to mount the projector. The video was shown on a window between two rooms inside of the space.

    The only resting documentation of the installed work is the blown up screen capture of a video shot on the opening night, shown above. The video itself, without the installation built along with it can be watched below.

    6 tasses, video projection, 5 minutes, looped in the original installation.


  • installation, cupboard, coffee cups, bar chairs

↓ NEPUTAMIX 03 - 2015 - B

  • Neputa mix 03, wood, asian rice crackers and two part epoxy

    A small sculpture shown at the group exhibition 'Family Matters' at De La Charge,
    mounted high next to the door that leads to the exhibition space, inside of the room.
    The sculpture looks at the visitor angrily at the moment they turn around to exit the space.

↓ 69 - 2015 - A

  • for 69, group exhibition, Everaertstraat 69, Antwerp - in collaboration with Jeroen P. Visser

↓ ALIAS - 2014 - B

  • for Paradise Lost, group exhibition, curated by Damien & The Love Guru, Quincaillerie Vander Eycken, Brussels
  • Alias, 2014
    wood, mixed materials
    two objects, both 226 x 86 x 6 cm

    The work consists of two doors.

    One which has been taken out of its original context; the artist’s studio, not installed, but simply leant against the wall of the exhibition space.

    A gradual distance from the objects function is displayed.

    The second, hingeless frame is the mere skeleton of the first construct, becoming an icon for any door, reduced to its most simple form. In the presentation of the two objects, one standing aside the other, a situational, functional and temporal shift is evoked. An ambivalence between utilitarian­ and art object is created. Different locations open up to the observer: the original location of the door, the present exhibition site and the new perception it holds and finally an imaginary space behind or in front of the door, which is inherent to any door, given its actual purpose.


↓ CORBEAU, MICKEY - 2014 - B


  • atelier at Rue Louis Coenen, Saint-Gilles, documentation of the last day of our presence, exposition of the workspace.
    projection, series of sculptures - Marie Zrenner & Vincent Vandaele.

↓ LAMPROOM - 2013 - M

  • installation, 8 sculptures, AdBK München, 2013 - Probewand, Klasse Peter Kogler
  • sculptures made from wood, bamboo, recuperated and found wiring, switches etc.

↓ HISACHIKA TAKAHASHI, 16.05 – 30.05.2013

Artist in Residence at Wiels Yuki Okumura with a newly found work of Hisachika Takahashi.
Visit for more information on the exposition that time traveled from Wide White Space, Antwerp, 1967 - to Wiels, Brussels, 2013.

↓ JC_BP - 2012 - M

↓ UNTER EISEN - 2012 - A


↓ COUSCOUS - 2012 - M

↓ SOFTSKULL3 - 2012 - M

↓ SCHÄDEL - 2012 - FR, M


↓ SOFT SKULL 1/6, 2011 - M

↓ KALTE FÜßE - 2010 - A